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Dr. Evelyne Bruneau

Dr Evelyne Bruneau, D.C.

Chiropractor – Orleans, Ontario

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My Vision

To better the health of all Canadians by exposing them to new natural health information, open their minds to lifestyle changes and teaching them that health is an inside-out affair and not the opposite.

My Mission

To share my 33 years experience as a constantly evolving chiropractor and to enable, inspire and teach people from all segments of the population to live life fully with a properly functioning nervous system through chiropractic spinal, cranial and extremity adjustments, proper movement, proper nutrition and positive mental attitude .

My Practice

My practice is located in Orléans, Ontario, 15 minutes east of downtown Ottawa.

I have worked and resided in this area for 30 years.

I welcome all ages (newborns to elderly) and I address most spinal conditions from misaligned vertebrae (subluxations) to disc conditions,to sports injuries, arthritis and pregnancy. I also use cranial adjusting.

Because of my long-standing experience as a chiropractor and my work as a locum-chiropractor, I have learned many techniques along the years that I am able to implement in my own clinic.I would say that this  is my strength: to best match the proper technique to the case and person I have in front of me. I practice the following techniques: Thompson Technique (drop-tables), Cox technique (decompression through flexion-distraction for disc problems), Diversified (manual technique), Activator (instrument), C.A.T.S. technique (manual cranial adjusting to help relieve symptoms of head injuries/concussion/migraines), Soft tissue therapy (trigger points and electro-point stimulation) and extremity adjusting.

My Locum Service

Aside from being a practicing chiropractor in my own clinic, I also own a locum (replacement) service for other chiropractors who need holidays, maternity leaves or disability leaves. I cover all of Eastern Ontario. Here is the link to that website: www.easterontariolocumservice.com. You will find there a list of my  clients (peers) who accepted to provide me with testimonials about  my work.